Louisiana Fish Fry Products LTD

Company Spotlight

Cajun cooking takes time. In fact, we’ve been perfecting our recipes for 60 years.
In 1959, Tony Pizzolato opened a small produce stand in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And while Louisianans certainly love their Holy Trinity of celery, bell peppers and onions, Tony realized there was a bigger demand for fresh seafood. He then added fresh catfish, crawfish, shrimp and crabs to his selection. Soon, seafood became his biggest seller.
By 1972, the Pizzolato family’s commitment to serving only the freshest, highest-quality seafood had turned a corner fruit stand into a thriving seafood business with lines out the door.
But it wasn’t just the seafood customers were coming for. Folks just couldn’t get enough of Tony’s authentic Cajun dishes created from his own original recipes – including his homemade seasoned fish fry. The Pizzolatos realized if the people of Louisiana loved his food this much, there’s a good chance the rest of the country would too.
So, in 1982, Louisiana Fish Fry Products was established to bring the true taste of Louisiana to a wider audience with Cajun-inspired products that are authentic and easy to prepare.
Today, Louisiana Fish Fry Products still proudly calls Baton Rouge, Louisiana home. Almost forty years later, that same commitment to selling authentic Louisiana-style dishes made from only the finest, high-quality ingredients still inspires everything we do.

Louisiana Fish Fry Products has been proudly serving the foodservice industry in the state of Mississippi for over 30 years. We provide the quality ingredients essential to creating the authentic Cajun-inspired dishes that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Our products are available through your preferred distributor. Samples are also available upon request - connect with our Foodservice team today for any additional information or questions!

Breadings: Seasoned Fish Fry, New Orleans Fish Fry w/ Lemon, Chicken Fry (Spicy & Homestyle), & Many More Specialty Type Breadings!

Entrees: Louisiana Favorites including Jambalaya, Gumbo, Etouffee & Many More!

Sauces: Remoulade, Cocktail, Tartar & Many More! 

Seafood Boil & Seasonings: Original Powder Boil & Cajun FIRE Boil, Liquid Boil Concentrates, Chinese Style Red Pepper, Flavored Boil Boosters and Cajun Seasoning.